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If you feel that writing papers for college has taken a toll on you... If you feel that you spend too much time hunched over your laptop in the library and that you miss something going on in your life, then it’s time to consider professional essay writing services. The times when this kind of help was only for those who couldn’t cope on their own are long gone. Today, the sheer speed of life and competition out there force you to look for other, more effective ways of doing things, including academic papers. That’s why using professional help is not only a possible, but even a smart choice. And in this endeavor, will be happy to help.

We are a college essay writing service that can provide various kinds of writing help for you. What is it that you need? An essay, a term paper, a dissertation? We cover all of those – and a few more. So whenever you feel that there are just too many writing assignments for you to cope on time, feel free to give us a call or fill in the form on the website.

The types of papers that we cover

Over your college career, you will work on different types of papers. Essays, research papers, lab reports, presentations, and so on and so forth. You will be glad to know that we can help you with ALL of those. To date, we cover over 30 different paper types and as soon as a new type appears, we will add it to our range.

And writing entire papers is far not everything that we are ready to offer! You can also order:

  • Editing if you feel that your own editing skills are not sufficient for a certain paper
  • Proofreading if you are afraid that there might be silly mistakes that will spoil your grade
  • Paraphrasing if you need to improve the originality level of a certain piece of writing
  • Formatting and citation to make sure all your margins, fonts, and citations are in order

We also write individual chapters for when you don’t have enough time or have too much trouble writing certain parts of your paper. As you can see, our essay help is diverse – just as diverse as our customers and their needs.

What makes us better

It’s no secret that there are other companies where you could get a custom essay writing service. We, however, differ a lot from the competition thanks to our policies and benefits that we offer to our customers. Among such benefits are:

  • 100% original work. Our papers are NEVER pre-written or resold. Every order is fulfilled from scratch and in line with the entire scope of your requirements. If you want it to be fulfilled in a certain way, it will be. Besides, such “from scratch” approach to ordering allows to create original work that never puts our clients under plagiarism-related risk.
  • Affordable pricing. If you want to buy essay cheap and don’t care about its quality, then you should probably try another company. We go for affordable prices and guarantee high quality in return. It means that you will probably find companies that provide services at a lower price, but there will hardly be those that ensure the same level of quality. We provide the best price-to-quality ratio – as easy as that. So the next time you’re thinking where to “write my essay cheap”, you can go straight to our website without hesitation.
  • 24/7 support. Questions, complaints, doubts, and any other issues – all of these are dealt with in an effective and efficient manner by our support department. The support team is available around the clock via several communication channels to ensure your unhindered access. The level of satisfaction with our support is 97%, which is the highest result across the industry.
  • Timely delivery without unexpected delays. When you come to order professional essay writing, you want it to be delivered within the indicated timeframe, don’t you? So does every other customer. That’s why we made compliance with deadlines a mandatory condition for every writer. In other words, we don’t work with writers that have violated a deadline at least once. This strict policy makes us a top service in terms of respect to deadlines according to recent surveys among customers.

We could continue the list – excellent writers, numerous discounts, the use of reliable sources, and so on and so forth. However, you will never be able to imagine the level of service that we offer without actually trying it. That’s why we offer you to try it with a discount. And if you don’t like the paper, we will revise it free of charge. Sounds like a deal? Then proceed to the order page right now.

How to write an essay?

In case you are still hesitating whether to use professional assistance or write an essay on your own, we would still like to help. Here is our little guide on how to write academic papers – feel free to use it even if you decide to brave it on your own, without the help of our writers.

What you should know before you start writing an essay

An essay is an academic writing piece designed to demonstrate your research, analytical and writing skills. Therefore, you should approach it right. Nobody expects you to show excessive creativity or invent a wheel all over again. Your primary goal in an essay should be to make a rather engaging thesis statement and show that you are well-versed in the relevant topic and can support your thesis statement with arguments. There is no rule on how to write a perfect essay. But you can apply all the necessary efforts to do the best you can. And this is, really, all that is expected from you. Also, try to enjoy it in the process - which leads us to the next point.

Choose the right topic

The stage of choosing a topic is a very important one. Choose the wrong one – and your entire paper is doomed. Try looking for ideas for term paper, essay or any other piece online. That’s what background research is for. Ideally, you should be looking for a topic that is exciting for you and that is relevant to your field of study. The topic, of course, will depend a lot on the type of paper you are working on. Thus, a topic for a persuasive essay will be different from a topic you could choose for, let’s say, a descriptive paper. And a topic for a definition essay will differ from both of those. If you haven’t been assigned a topic, it’s a relief and a difficulty at the same time. A relief because you can find an interesting essay topic that won’t bore you to death. A difficulty because choices are always hard.

Make an outline

To write an essay step by step, you’ll need a detailed outline. Generally, creating an outline before you start working on a paper is a best practice advised by specialists. The type of essay outline will depend on what kind of paper you are working on and what arguments you are planning to present. Naturally, an outline of a narrative essay will be different from that of an argumentative essay. Generally, think what sequence of chapters and parts will present your points in the most effective way and build your outline around it. And don’t get all upset if your essay structure doesn’t look quite right from the very first try – you will be able to refine it as you write.

Fill in the structure

Once you have a skeleton for your paper, you can proceed to fill it with “meet”. Students often ask our writers how to start an essay. Our answer is – all the well-known techniques work well. You need to capture your readers’ attention and it’s done best through quotes, jokes, and fun facts. Your purpose should be to interest your readers from the very beginning; the way you do it doesn’t really matter.

Remember to start every paragraph with a summarizing sentence, especially in argumentative essays, and reserve one paragraph for one point only. Also, don’t be afraid to edit ruthlessly. If there is an answer to the question “how to write a good essay?”, it’s “through multiple rounds of thorough editing”. You might be forced to delete entire paragraphs – don’t hesitate to do it if they don’t really fit.

Format your paper

Any paper requires an appropriate format. Whether it’s the APA writing format, Chicago or any other. The style you have to use doesn’t really determine how much time you will have to spend on formatting and it always takes a lot of time. One of our secret essay writing tips is to use online tools to generate citations. If you find a good tool, you can simply insert information about the source, specify the style (e.g. MLA writing format) and have the citations generated for you. Even creating the correct essay cover page takes time, so plan accordingly.

Writing advice from our experts

Last but not least, we have asked some of our experts to share their advice on writing the best essays. Here is what they said:

  1. To write an effective essay, find the most productive time of the day or invent a writing routine. The mood you are in while writing plays a major role.
  2. Don’t hesitate to look for essay samples. For example, if you don’t know how to start your essay, look through a couple of papers to get inspiration. The same goes for any chapter – find a sample introduction, conclusion or a sample acknowledgement for essay if you have difficulties writing your own. It works great even for experienced writers.

Whether you decide to use our help or just get a consult – we’ll be waiting right here.

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