100 Best Dissertation Topics to Choose From

Best Dissertation Topics

Dissertation research is a lengthy and responsible process, so getting ready for it is vital for your successful completion of the degree. One of the crucial elements to consider at the very start is the topic choice; you will hardly be able to change the topic after it is confirmed by the committee, so think it over carefully before making the final choice – too much depends on it!

Our most basic advice on topic selection includes:

  • Choosing an issue that is interesting for you personally – in this way, you will engage with research more deeply and will even enjoy the dissertation process
  • Selecting a researchable, realistic topic. Some students make a dreadful mistake of tapping some unexplored, hard field. Yes, your committee will surely approve of such a topic as such studies may be vital for the field, but are you sure you will cope with finding sufficient amounts of information and with dissertation writing overall?

Thus, the best combination is an interesting and fresh topic in the area exploring some new shade of research in your field of interest. We have worked out a useful list of such topics for your use.

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Cyber-crime dissertation topics

Cyber-crime dissertation topics

  • Illegal sales of weapons in the dark web and ways of combatting them.
  • Stateless attribution as a mechanism for promoting international cyber-accountability.
  • Potential implications of ISIS’ transfer of their operations underground.
  • Lessons learned from the global WannaCry virus attack: implications for cyber-preparedness.
  • Cryptocurrency use by terrorists and mechanisms of preventing free currency flows.
  • Current forms of cyber-abuse and legal frameworks of dealing with them.
  • Zero-day software vulnerabilities.
  • Examination of pre-requisites for establishing effective cyber-deterrence in the USA.
  • Blockchain threat and cyber-feeds as new cyber-dangers.
  • Empirical analysis of cybercrime impact based on the public malware blacklists.

Doctoral dissertation topics

Doctoral Dissertation

  • Opportunities for establishing rural entrepreneurship initiatives in developing countries.
  • Green housing and pro-environmental urban design.
  • Exploration of the impact of social technologies on marketing and communications.
  • Social entrepreneurship as a business model for developing countries.
  • The doctrine of cy-pres and its impact on the intentions of the deceased.
  • Real-life implications of the ‘market-authority’ nexus.
  • Analysis of the consequences of the 1997 Asian financial crisis from the IPE perspective
  • Evolution of the concept of nationhood in the EU.
  • Case studies of states in conflict and their implications for the paradigm of global justice.
  • The role of trade unions in company’s productivity: comparative analysis of two states.

Political science dissertation topics

Political Science Dissertation

  • Media portrayals of world politics.
  • The role of China in the modern global arena: a menace or a development trigger?
  • Emergence of yellow and red Thai identities as the process of Thainess framing.
  • Contemporary geo-political tensions and conflicts as geopolitical anomalies.
  • The political philosophy of property rights.
  • Mechanisms of improving the development of property rights legislation in Saudi Arabia.
  • The debt crisis of economically challenged states: the Japanese case.
  • Corruption in communist and capitalist states: China v. USA case study.
  • Application of the principles of Canadian-style immigration reform to combat American industrial cities’ decay.
  • State v. private management of agriculture: analysis of productivity and performance.

Stock market dissertation topics

Stock Market Dissertation

  • Financial market risk analysis: the case of Indian stock market.
  • Chinese stock markets: example to follow and implications for Western stakeholders.
  • The changing role of the IMF in emerging markets.
  • Derivatives markets’ rise and development in the Arab countries.
  • Comparative analysis of stock market benefits for investors.
  • Critical analysis of connections between bull markets and stock valuations: the Wall Street case.
  • The role of stock returns and firm value on corporate governance of Microsoft.
  • Islamic versus conventional banking performance – the Qatar case.
  • The evolution of global finance and financialization in the contemporary capitalist states.
  • Comparison of legal frameworks guiding dividend payment policies in Canada and Europe.

Sociology dissertation topics

Sociology Dissertation

  • Historical evolution of murdered women’s portrayals in the media.
  • Social media as an influential instrument of influence on public opinion about policing in the USA.
  • Critical perspectives on the ability of capitalism to aggravate or reduce global poverty.
  • Connections between social class and educational attainment in Estonia.
  • Effects of parental incarceration on children’s academic success in Canada.
  • Causes and roots of poverty in America.
  • A sociological approach to health inequalities: proper medical service for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.
  • Provision of sufficient educational opportunities for inmates in California as a way of reducing recidivism.
  • Improvement of women’s roles in business development in developing countries: the case of India.
  • Social conduct patterns shaping gender relations – a comparative study of Arab vs. African states.

Social work dissertation topics

Social Work Dissertation

  • Implications of multi-agency work on childcare.
  • Application of the strength perspective in social work practices of American social workers.
  • Examination of influences that trauma work produces on social workers in Canada.
  • Provision of culturally competent social work services to Indigenous people in Sydney, Australia.
  • Consideration of gender-specific drug addiction treatment approaches in social services’ provision in Detroit.
  • Black female empowerment through social work in marginalized communities.
  • Strategies for dealing with secondary traumatic stress among social workers.
  • Application of the human behavior theory to social work.
  • Impact of job satisfaction and burnout on performance of social workers in Mexico.
  • Detection and combating of homophobia and heterosexism among social workers.

Special education dissertation topics

Special Education Dissertation

  • Building the case for special education of mildly retarded children.
  • Racial inequality in special education access and quality: US perspectives.
  • Creating an empowered and diverse environment for special education in France.
  • The destiny of labeling in special education: analysis of justifiability.
  • Rationale for departmentalization of special education in Spanish secondary schools.
  • Exploration of special students’ needs in the post-schooling years.
  • The history of inclusive school movement and radicalization of special education in Germany.
  • Developing teacher strategies for special students’ development of mathematical thinking.
  • Evaluation of PL 94-142 feasibility assessing special education’s success and quality.
  • Exploration of minority students’ over-representation in special education in the USA: causes and strategies.

Anthropology dissertation topics

anthropology dissertation

  • Analysis of the impact of language on social life of Armenian immigrants in the USA.
  • Evolution and social change in Egypt in terms of social welfare since the Arab Spring.
  • Challenges and implications of same-sex relationships in the post-Soviet state: a Moldova case study.
  • Cultural variations in the incidence of depression among Latino and Caucasian residents of Florida.
  • Humanitarianism and social aid in contested territories: Palestine, South Sudan, and Abkhazia case studies.
  • American corporate agriculture: massive commodification of human lives.
  • Female entrepreneurship in the GCC region: pursuit of female and entrepreneur identities.
  • Competition of diversity and cohesion in the EU.
  • Exploration of child labor and human trafficking practices in the West African regions.
  • Somali and Sudan: fragility of systems and vulnerability of populations in medical care.

Dissertation topics in corporate finance

Corporate Finance Dissertation

  • Exploring the impact of salary increase on the employee productivity.
  • Contingent claims analysis application to Japanese corporate finance.
  • Management as a root cause of strong American corporate finance.
  • Determinants of corporate leverage and dividend policies in the UK market.
  • Empirical analysis of the application of bank lines of credit in British corporate liquidity management.
  • Analysis of the role of banks and secondary intermediaries in the provision of finance in the Chinese finance industry.
  • Role of firm characteristics and legal rules on the corporate finance decisions of Italian corporations.
  • Impact of taxation on the domestic and multinational capital structure of Canadian enterprises.
  • Multiple perspectives on the political theory of American corporate finance and public corporation as its key structure.
  • Behavioral factors’ impact on firms’ value maximization.

This is what we have for your successful and quick topic choice. All these topics are fresh and interesting for the contemporary academia, so selecting any of them will ensure your smooth dissertation process and high appraisal from your committee.

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