A Rightly Written Thesis Statement

A Rightly Written Thesis Statement: How It Helps to Shape an Essay

The purpose of writing a thesis statement is to convey the central point of a thesis to the reader. Besides narrating the core idea, a thesis statement also correlates the approaches that elaborate the presentation of the essay overall, while maintaining formal coherence at the same time. This is the reason it is said that a perfectly written thesis statement helps in adding shape within the essay.

Thesis statement can be of generic nature or in some cases it can be judgmental. In both cases, it serves the purpose of adding additional highlight to the topic. Often it is a 1- or 2-sentence condensation of an argument or the conclusion of analysis, which centers around the supportive arguments in the essay. This idea-condensation is called thesis statement that rules the essay’s whole subject discussion.

The purpose of writing a thesis statement

There is multifaceted helpfulness of writing an appropriate thesis statement, which in different ways shapes the essay and its comprehensive approach. The core purposes of writing a thesis statement are:

  • Testing the central ideas by filtering and condensing them into one or two sentences,
  • Writing a condensed expression to better organize and develop the gamut of research-related argument,
  • The statement offers the readers meaningful “guidance” to follow the argument.

In general, a neatly written thesis statement will achieve these three targets if the thesis can be counted as a condensed response to the queries that the present thesis paper attempts to explore. This specific statement evokes a query or series of queries that the essay writer should try to answer maintaining consistency and readability of the entire thesis paper: thus it imposes a structure of thought processing vital for the essay’s neatness.

How Can a Thesis Statement Contributes to Essay Writing?

A thesis statement contributes as a core guideline to expand and elaborate the essay writing approach. This condensed sentence works in five directions to present the entire essay under a predefined structure from multiple aspects:

  • The thesis statement works as a roadmap for a thesis paper; in other way, it suggests the readers what they can expect from the rest of the paper.
  • The thesis paper directly answers the question raised in the paper. In reality, a thesis is an academic interpretation of a question related to a specific subject, it is not about the subject itself. For example, a thesis can be written on World War II or the topic can be chosen related to World War II; the thesis then will offer a comprehensive academic way to understand the topic in the backdrop of World War II. The thesis statement should be able to summarize the entire discussion for a quick understanding of the reader, which somehow works as a miniature version of abstract.
  • A thesis statement predicts how the essay writer will comprehend the implications of the subject matter under argument.
  • A thesis statement is usually a single but meaningfully condensed sentence near the beginning of the paper; most often, it is placed at the end of the first paragraph. It presents the summarized argument of the essay writer to the reader. The rest of the paper including the body of the essay gathers and organizes evidence that will convince the reader about the coherent logic of the academic interpretation presented in the thesis paper.

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How Does a Thesis Statement Structure and Shape the Essay?

The thesis statement works as the prologue for the thesis essay. But it is done in an intrinsic way that the flow of thought and coherence between their progressions seems thoughtful and smooth for the thesis readers. Let’s take a look at how a thesis statement adds shape to the essay:

  • The thesis statement adds a special direction to the paper. It also limits the span of the essay by predefining the range of arguments.
  • The thesis statement functions as the core idea for the thesis paper as all the paragraphs of the essay are found related to this statement by explaining, supporting, or arguing the central statement.
  • A thesis statement invokes the necessity of proof that adds logical coherence within the thesis essay. The essay writer adds a logical approach to the essay to provide supporting evidence for readers and keep them impressed to continue reading till the conclusion of the essay.
  • A meticulous thesis statement helps an essay writer to keep control of his ideas and his ability to present the ideas to support his thesis topic without deviation, thus it helps in adding a tight control on the discussion and elaboration.


There is no specific rule about that, but the unsaid rule of placing a thesis statement is at the end of introduction and at the start of the essay’s body so that the thesis statement can work as the lead statement of the entire thesis paper. A good intro conceptualizes a good thesis statement and eventually the statement now leads the essay discussion to take it to a comprehensive ending, thus defining the shape of the essay to a large extent.

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