Inspirational Analytical Thesis Statements

When dealing with an analytical assignment, you are supposed to break down issues and ideas into smaller components so that you can evaluate them and present your evaluation to your readers. One of the keys you need to succeed in this assignment is your ability to write a concise and compelling thesis statement that enables you to give the reader a clear sense of direction and a glimpse of what you intend to discuss. In this post, we have drafted excellent examples of such statements so that you can draw the necessary inspiration to get you moving to the next level of proficiency in your analytical paper writing.

Examples of analytical thesis statements

  1. To gain a wider level of maturity and social awareness, it should be mandatory for all high school graduates to join community service and development projects before they are allowed to join college
  2. The success of any football player does not just depend on skills, but also on their ability to submit to coaching and training
  3. To succeed as an athlete, you need more than just talent; it is also necessary to develop a positive mental attitude to help you move forward in the time of adversity
  4. Even though different people get addicted to gambling for various reasons such as impulse disorder or the desire to get quick wealth, the consequences of such an addiction are the same across the board
  5. Having skills and talent without discipline is a recipe for failure in any sport
  6. Success as a writer takes more than just the desire to write; other factors such as experience and exposure play an important role in helping a writer to grow and succeed
  7. The very claim that NASA sent men to the moon over 47 years ago, and yet, they have never returned there while they claim to have sent Rovers to Mars, more than 55 million miles away, raises serious and valid question marks about the integrity of the entire space program
  8. Proper observation clearly indicates that standard exams in schools are inaccurate measures for children’s intelligence because each child is gifted differently, and hence, they should be tested based on their fortes in life
  9. NASA’s mission to the moon raise more questions that the answers it seeks to provide; the presence of shadows and a shaking flag on a moon that NASA claims has no atmosphere is a serious dent in the whole mission
  10. It is hypocritical for the American government to claim that religion should not be taught in school at the tax payer’s expense while antitheist evolution, an anti religion ideology, is being taught at the expense of the same taxpayer
  11. Taking early preventive measures is the only way to help in minimizing the disastrous effects of tornadoes
  12. The move to curb desertification remains a pipe dream unless governments deal with the issues underlying the destruction of forests such as the lack of clean and green energy
  13. The debate about the merits and demerits of robots in the workplace is far from over since it is becoming extremely difficult to balance between superior quality production that robots facilitate and the need to maintain employment
  14. The battle against child pornography is a difficult challenge because the availability of free internet and mobile devices in the hands of teenagers makes supervision almost impossible
  15. Due to advancement in technology, it is becoming difficult to keep children away from violent movies since they can still watch them in the form of video games and cartoons
  16. If this generation needs to stem the upsurge of violence, parents need to go beyond just preventive measures and instill moral values that will empower their children to keep off the sources that promote and glorify violent behavior
  17. The society is squarely to blame for the degradation of morals among the youth because we are the ones who glorify and follow the celebrated men and women who promote those moral perversions

Your ability to succeed in writing analytical thesis statements relies on your ability to do three things: break down, reconstruct, and present ideas to your audience in a manner they can easily understand. Mastering these three skills is the key to your success.

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