Thesis Statements on Autism

When you want to write a thesis statement on Autism, it is necessary to think and determine what exactly you need to write on this broad subject. The reason is that you cannot write a general statement and call it a thesis statement. It is therefore necessary for you to brainstorm a topic and then take a specific position on it. This way, your statement will have a manageable scope that will enable you to write a conclusive essay. Additionally, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the area you are going to write about so that you can have sufficient materials to defend that statement in your paper. Because of the above factors, we have compiled this post not just to guide you on how to write such thesis statements, but we have also compiled solid examples to inspire you to write them. So, stay with this post to the end to learn more.

Sample thesis statements on Autism

  1. Due to the diverse techniques of detecting Autism, we don’t have universally acceptable figures regarding the actual number of people suffering from this condition in society
  2. Many of our medical practitioners believe that Autism can be blamed on the availability of environmental pollutants such as poisoning from mercury. But so far, they cannot prove this position with using foolproof evidence
  3. Even though various research works have shown that some patients suffering from Autism are prone to expressing violent behaviors, we have other studies that prove that some of them can also exhibit symptoms of other forms of disorders
  4. Even though most people believe that Autism is a serious medical condition that calls for its patients to receive differential treatment, others still believe that people living with Autism are just different from others, and hence, we need to treat them the same way we treat other people
  5. The existence of debate about how to approach Autism is the leading stumbling block in the success of dealing with it. The reason is that people holding conflicting views and approaches makes it impossible to come up with universally acceptable solutions
  6. The availability of medical treatment is not enough to deal with the effects of Autism. The reason is that an Autism patient needs the moral support of family members and friends to get the best out of their therapy
  7. The treatment for children with Autism should not just target the child. The reason is that the child is a member of a wider family unit, and hence, therapy programs should also include their family members
  8. The existence of popular myths in the minds of members of the society that vaccination makes children get Autism is one of the leading stumbling blocks in the fight against polio in the developing world
  9. If the government wants to win the war against Autism, it should take a leading role in sensitizing its citizens on the condition
  10. If the government is serious about its commitment in dealing with childhood Autism, it should show it by allocating a special budget for its treatment
  11. Educating parents about child Autism is one of the best ways of managing the condition because parents are the ones who live with these children, and as such, they have the deepest emotional connection with them
  12. Since the effects of Autism in children can be a big financial burden to families of such children, the government should target the family as one of its primary allies in the fight against child Autism
  13. Autism experts should train parents in the management of violent behavior because many children who have this condition exhibit violent tendencies
  14. If experts want to reap the best results out of Autism treatment efforts, it is necessary to prepare and support parents of autistic children with psychological counseling since the condition exerts emotional pressure on the family
  15. A child with Autism need the love and unconditional acceptance of those around them as a way of facilitating their recovery

Writing an effective thesis statement on Autism requires you to get a clear understanding of the broader subject and your chosen topic. Also, narrow it to a specified scope to enable you to defend it successfully.

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