Thesis Proposal

What should you know about a thesis proposal

Education is evolution; it is the process during which you emerge as a specialist and learn many vital skills, such as critical thinking, independent research, theorizing, and conceptualization of practical problems. Which is the best chance to show what you learnt to your supervisors? Read more

Evaluation essay thesis

Writing a thesis for evaluation essay

Writing a thesis for your evaluation essay is a critical stage in the process of preparing for your assignment. As with all other types of assignments, your thesis is the engine of your paper without which you cannot move to anywhere meaningful. Read more

Compare and contrast thesis

Creating a forceful compare and contrast thesis is ranked among the most critical components of drafting this type of assignment. In essence, this kind of assignment is hinged on drawing out how two objects, persons, or ideas differ from or are similar to each other. It has a concluding part that shows the significance Read more

What Is a Thesis?

What is a thesis statement?

How often have you had your essays under-graded because of a missing or wrong thesis statement? We bet every student comes across the challenge of discerning what a thesis is, and gets acquainted with this element of an essay in a sometimes Read more

A Rightly Written Thesis Statement: How It Helps to Shape an Essay

A Rightly Written Thesis Statement

The purpose of writing a thesis statement is to convey the central point of a thesis to the reader. Besides narrating the core idea, a thesis statement also correlates the approaches that elaborate the presentation of the essay overall Read more

Where to Put a Thesis Statement in an Essay?

Where to Put a Thesis Statement in an Essay?

Since communication is primarily focused on reducing confusion and increasing clarity, focus on this aim in your thesis statement writing. The thesis of any work should perform its basic purpose: presenting a one-sentence summary of a longer piece of information and helping to understand the key message thereof. Read more