How to write a thesis statement?

Thesis statement: how to write

Nowadays, the question “how to write a thesis statement” is very popular. The majority of people knows that it exists and must be written in the introduction section of any article, but have no idea of its correct format. They don’t know how to make it attractive and interesting for readers. Meanwhile, it is the most readable and significant part of the paperwork because it allows the reader to understand whether he should read further or pass by.

The high-quality statement has several important features: it includes one main idea, it is specific and clear, it can be proved, and it is written in a confident language. The well-structured thesis statement gives information about the content of the entire article. Due to this fact, many young scientist and student face the problem of lack of interest to their research. Even, if your work is well-written and discovers the most important problems, you will not become famous researcher until you learn how to formulate the strong thesis statement.

The purpose of a thesis statement

The purpose of a thesis statement
As you can see, it is rather hard work to write this part of the article if you don’t have a plan. Thereby, many people prefer to use online writing services that help students and other people with their articles, essays, theses, and various paperwork. These companies can help to make the entire work for you or provide a specific help, like proofreading, editing, or writing a thesis statement. When you are not sure how to make your work stand out of the crowd, or just want to find out the correct form of a thesis statement, you should definitely use one of these services. Prices for such help vary in wide range and depend on time frames, your requirements, and many other reasons.

However, it is possible to find high-quality writers at the affordable price. If you decide to order such service, don’t forget to check testimonials and find out what other people say about this company. The best way to find reviews is to visit social networks and related forums. After you check testimonials, you should read terms and conditions because, in some cases, you will need to request modification or refund, and you need to know what to expect. When you make sure that it is a respectable company, you can place an order. Your writers will do the rest.

However, if want to become a great scientist, you must learn how to write a thesis statement by yourself. In order to help you to achieve this goal, let’s make thesis statement formula. It will organize your mind and create a clear structure of your work.

How to write a thesis statement in five steps?

Writing thesis statement in five steps

This five step statement formula is a universal tool that will suit to any type of paperwork, starting with a school essay and finishing with a doctoral dissertation. Follow these instructions, and you will succeed. Nevertheless, don’t forget to adapt these steps to your topic.

A simple step one: ask a question and then answer it

So, why the question is so important? Because a well-formulated question includes an answer. Moreover, the title of your article has a bunch of opportunities for questions. For instance, you can apply the five whys technique developed by Sakichi Toyoda – the founder of Toyota Industries. This method is based on asking five clarifying questions, each of them starts with “why”. Each answer for the previous question formulates the next question. And, by the end of the fifth question, you know the truth.

Such technique can be applied to thesis statements. First, read your topic and ask why it is important. Second, add “why” to this answer. Third, follow this logic till you get to the basics. Fourth, summarize all given answers into a statement. That is how you will get a strong statement within few minutes. As one may note, it is one of the dozens of question techniques. Also, you can apply open and closed, funnel, probing, leading, rhetorical, and other questions. Try different methods, and you will find the one that works for you perfectly!

A simple step two: your statement must correspond to the type of work you are writing

Despite the fact that the thesis statement has a similar structure in different types of paperwork, such as articles, essay, research papers, and others, there are some differences that must be considered. For example, let’s review four types of essays and their main features.

  1. The expository essay. The most important elements of the expository essay are facts, statistics, analytics, strong arguments, and other evidence that can prove your ideas. The writer doesn’t reveal his personal feelings, but only facts. As well as the rest types of essay, it must include the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. As for the thesis statement, it must be clear, expansive, and include some evidence.
  2. The descriptive essay. Unlike the previous one, the descriptive essay gives more space for creativity and supports non-standard approach. Its main idea is to draw a vivid picture in the reader’s head. It is more important to include emotions, feelings, and images, than bare facts and statistics. For this reason, the main feature of its statement is a unique idea or approach.
  3. The narrative essay. This type of essays is very similar to the previous one; its main goal is to tell some kind of story. Usage of a pronoun “I” brings together the reader and the writer. The reader immerses into the history and sees bright and spectacular pictures written by the author. Besides short stories, the narrative essay is used for book reports. Both short stories and book reports have a similar thesis statement characteristic; it must show your personal opinion.
  4. The persuasive essay (the argumentative essay). The persuasive essay is very similar to the expository one. It is also based on facts, statistics, samples, analysis, and other. Meanwhile, there is an important difference: the author will have to present both positions, but he will have to decide whether he takes a stand for or against the idea. That is why, the thesis statement of the argumentative essay includes the author’s position based on facts.

A simple step three: show a specific stance; it will make the statement strong and attractive

Many readers look through other works, searching for a specific idea or stance. Let them know what you think about chosen subject; it will help them to decide whether they want to read your article or not. If your thesis statement doesn’t include any particular position, it means you don’t have one and reading your paperwork is a waste of time. Thereby, mention your specific stance in the begging of your article. However, don’t forget to prove your opinion in the body paragraphs. All your ideas must have strong evidence and must be based on facts; otherwise, people will not trust your judgments.

A simple step four: be creative. Show your unique approach

Nobody likes to re-read someone’s ideas. If you want to make your work to stand out of the crowd and attract new readers and followers, you must be creative. Nevertheless, in order to create something unique, you should check and analyze all previous ideas on the chosen topic. The best way to find materials for such research is to check collections of scientific works on related subjects. The main benefit of this source of information is a clear structure. As a result, you don’t need to read entire articles; all necessary information can be found in the abstract, introduction, or conclusions. After you make this research, you will understand narrow places and be able to offer your own solution.

Another source of creativity is thematic conferences. It is a place where scientists from different educational institutions share their ideas with others, so you definitely will be able to find inspiration for the thesis statement. One more way to write a creative statement is to brainstorm this idea with colleagues. Don’t underestimate this option; their help can add fresh and dynamic touch to your paperwork. Overall, there are various sources of inspiration that will help you to create an outstanding idea; look around, and you will find the one you need.
thesis statement writing of excellent quality

A simple step five: make sure your thesis statement can be proved

In spite of the type of the article that you write, all ideas must be based on strong evidence. For this reason, you should always use statistics, citations of reputable publications, official documents, and other trustful sources. In a matter of fact, it is very important to use only trustful sources because many newbies make the same mistake – they use Internet articles taken from blogs, forums, and other pages. This way is fast, but it will not make any good and can get you in trouble.

The majority of such articles in the Internet are written by people who have no idea about the topic; they don’t make any research and provide wrong ideas. If you follow their lead, your work will not be accepted in the scientific community. Thereby, choose your data wisely. The best way to collect evidence is to visit national statistical websites, check works of famous scientists who work in your area of study, use official statements, etc. However, you don’t need to describe all your evidence in the thesis statement, just give a hint that your idea is provable. The rest data must be given in body paragraphs.

As you may see, it is simple to answer such questions as “What should I include in the thesis statement?” or “How do I make it?” when you have a checklist. All you need is to follow these five steps in writing your thesis. Meanwhile, don’t relax too soon. The thesis statement is the small amount of work that you need to make. This sentence gives a certain promise, and you will have to keep it in your article.

All elements of your work, such the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion, must support and prove ideas of your statement. In order to achieve this goal, you must develop the habit to include one idea in one paragraph and provide as much evidence as you need to prove it. This technique will allow you to be consistent and fulfill promises.

Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis statement samples
Want to read a few thesis statement examples before writing your own? Check out examples prepared by our experienced writers team.

However, if you don’t want to waste your and write the article by yourself, you can always hire professionals, as it was mentioned earlier. For instance, our company offers thesis help. Our online writing service works with many authors who are specialized in different areas of study. After you place an order, our representative will contact you to discuss all details. Next step, your task will be transferred to a dedicated writer, and he will help you to determine the theme, write the thesis statement, introduction, body, conclusion, etc. If you are not satisfied with our work, you can always request a modification. We will work with you till you are completely satisfied. Don’t wait any longer. Place your order now!

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