Thesis statement on police brutality

thesis statement on police brutality

Essay writing is an unavoidable thing for students. It may seem that it is very challenging task to do, but the main advantage is that written assignments give students an opportunity to express their views about different issues. Certainly, topics for essay writing may refer not only to literature but also to different social problems.

Police savagery is one of the most pressing problems of the modern society. This phenomenon looks appalling, but the majority of policemen see no harm in it. However, cruelty towards law-abiding citizens is disgraceful for law enforcement officers. If you have a topic for an essay on such a difficult social problem, you might have some troubles with creation of a thesis statement for it. Therefore, we are glad to help you with a list of possible thesis statements.

Thesis Statements on Police Brutality Examples

  1. Police brutality should be punished because people become afraid of policemen.
  2. Police brutality results in the lack of trust towards the policemen.
  3. Policemen should be politer because brutality turns them to criminals.
  4. Brutality contradicts police service values because a police officer should protect citizens, not harm them.
  5. Brutality disgraces professional honor.
  6. Brutality can be the sign of various mental disorders; therefore, such policemen should be examined by a psychiatrist.
  7. Police brutality and bullying repel people who want to ask for help.
  8. Police brutality is a serious problem because it means permissiveness for policemen.
  9. Honest people pay taxes to be protected by the police but not to be bullied.
  10. Police brutality is the sign of professional deformation.
  11. Law-abiding citizens should not become victims of policemen’s brutality.
  12. Brutality should be the reason for firing.
  13. Police brutality should be punished because it is a criminal offence.
  14. Brutality can be the reason for rank demotion in the police.
  15. Brutality is the sign of some psychological problems; therefore, such policemen should not work with people.

By choosing one of these thesis statements, you will be able to create an interesting essay about this pressing social problem. Certainly, it is very difficult to choose a particular point of view and select the relevant arguments. Creation of a thesis statement helps you to define the main idea of your future text, thus determining the supporting arguments you need to include to prove your position. In the last paragraph of an essay, you should just summarize all above-mentioned facts to highlight your idea once more. This formula will make each text perfect and bring you the highest points for creative thesis writing.

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