Thesis statement on birth control

Even though birth control is still a controversial subject, you can still write a great thesis statement on it as long as you have a good topic. Also, knowing how to approach the topic soberly and maturely will assist you in drafting a thesis statement that will help your readers want to glide from the introduction down to the body paragraphs of your paper.

When writing your thesis statement, you should state it correctly to allow your readers to see the main points you intend to debate in your paper. It should help you to give your reader a strategic roadmap by showing him or her the direction your arguments will take while interpreting the value and significance of your topic. By reading this part of your paper, your audience should know clearly what the whole assignment is all about. Also, you should draft it to give your readers your stand on the subject matter of your essay while maintaining a debatable nature. Lastly, your statement should not be a stated fact, but rather, a claim that is supported by facts in the body of your assignment.

Sample Thesis Statements on Birth Control

In this section of our discussion, we shall look at sample thesis statements to fire you up. Here are a few of them.

  1. Birth control is failing in the developed world not because people don’t want to embrace it, but because they don’t understand its benefits
  2. Birth control measures are an admission that our governments cannot plan for their people given that the earth has enough resources to take care of more than 40 billion people
  3. Instead of focusing on birth control, nations should focus on empowering their citizenry to increase their ability to take care of more children
  4. Birth control is not a solution to economic hardships since our problems don’t stem from a lack of enough resources but from an unequal distribution of those resources
  5. Birth control efforts are a clear admission that our governments are unable to maximize their available resources
  6. Family planning is one way of reducing the burden people are laying on governments since it allows the state to plan for fewer people
  7. Lack of birth control is a security threat since it leads to many unplanned births that end up straining the limited resources available
  8. Teaching birth control in schools is a better way of addressing the uncontrolled population burst of our day since it will produce informed future parents
  9. Making birth control mandatory will help reduce cases of unplanned births since strict penalties will deter violation
  10. By imposing a legal ceiling on the number of children one should have, the government can achieve better birth control results than using any other means

You are now up to date with what you need to know about writing thesis statements on birth control. We believe following the insights and drawing inspiration from our sample statements we have shared in this post will take your proficiency to the next level.

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