Thesis Statement About Changes

Change, in its entirety and when handled well, is one of the best things that can ever happen to an individual. Writing a thesis statement about change requires you to come up with a statement that will control and summarize the main point of your paper about change. Irrespective of the subject you are handling, your statement should have some common qualities to make your paper more cogent.

First, your statement has to identify a definite purpose, a specific way of achieving that goal, and sometimes, the target audience of that essay. Additionally, it should be easy for your readers to identify your thesis statement. You should not forget to make your statement clear and position it in the right place to allow for a smooth transition between the introduction and body paragraphs.

Sample Thesis Statements on Change

Here are sample thesis statements on change to help you get started.

  1. A change in leadership is not a guarantee that people’s lives will improve because without a change in policy, the status quo remains the same
  2. To change people’s life for the long-term, you don’t need to change their circumstances but their minds since people cannot rise above the quality of their thoughts
  3. Changing spouses in marriage is not a cure for marital failure unless spouses change the behaviors that lead to marital conflict
  4. To attain better results in essay writing, it is necessary for students to change their research habits since poor researching affects their quality of writing
  5. Accepting positive change is the best tool for growth since it exposes businesses to new opportunities and improves their capacities
  6. A change in the quality of corporate leadership is necessary for its transformation since everything rises or falls on the shoulders of leadership
  7. A change in the way employers treat their employees is a better tool for change than mere salary increment because you cannot replace people’s dignity with money
  8. Failure to embrace positive change in a business is a recipe for failure since it denies it the capacity to seize and maximize opportunities
  9. The government can do more to decongest prisons by focusing on changing the circumstances that lead people to crime than seeking to change their behavior behind prison bars
  10. The government can deal with road carnage by helping to change road user’s attitudes towards road safety than depending on mere policing because if people appreciate the need for safety, they will not need policing to do the right thing
  11. A change of heart and attitude is the only way of addressing marital infidelity since all the other measures will fail without a hearty commitment among spouses

Writing a thesis statement on change is an important stage in securing the flow and impactfulness of your essays. By following the ideas we have discussed in this post plus the sample thesis statements we have shared, you should be in a better position to write statements on this topic.

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