Thesis statement on depression

Thesis statement on depression

Students have many different tasks to do, and usually, they have to pass these assignments in the written form as various essays, articles, reports, investigation papers, etc. These tasks help to develop writing skills, analytical thinking and sometimes creative approach. Some professors try to make the educational process exciting for students, and that’s why give students freedom in the question of choosing topics to make their assignments. Sometimes tutors may just outline out the problems and give the final choice to the student.

One of the most significant and disturbing topics to discuss nowadays is human psychic health because it leaves much to be desired due to the rapid pace of living. Modern people have no time to be alone with their thoughts and feelings, have no opportunity to understand their own emotions, have too many temptations and too much work to earn money. So, the frequency of mental disorders is slowly increasing every day and what’s more important that different mental disorders nowadays hit not only old people as we are used to think but teenagers and young people too. Depression is one of the most wide-spread mental diseases all over the world that’s why it’s quite natural if your professor would give you the assignment to write or to speak about this condition.

Hence, the first thing that is necessary for you to cope with this assignment is the thesis statement. It should reflect the main idea and the subject that you investigated in the paper. So, firstly you should create a thesis and then prove it.

Examples of Thesis Statements On Depression

Depression thesis statement examples

If you have a task to write an essay about the mental disease but don’t exactly know how to start making this assignment, you may choose a thesis statement from the list below:

  • Depression is not a medical disorder but a state of emotional imbalance.
  • Depression is a globally under-recognized and neglected disorder that is nevertheless a serious medical condition.
  • The investigation of the depressive syndrome is very difficult but necessary task to do.
  • Depression needs serious treatment. The first step for treatment is diagnosing on time.
  • Modern rapid way of life becomes one of the main causes of depressive condition.
  • Depressive syndrome can be caused by many current factors.
  • Depressive syndrome may develop under the influence of computer games.
  • Basic symptoms of depression can be diagnosed even among young people and teenagers.
  • Depressive syndrome may have different forms.
  • Depression may be the cause of sleep and other deprivations.
  • Psychotherapy can be a useful way of treatment.
  • Pharmacological therapy is the most wide-spread way of treatment.
  • Physical exercise can be used as a kind of supporting therapy.
  • There can be some safety alternative ways of treatment.
  • Depression has a great bad influence on self-appraisal.
  • Recognition of the first signs of depression is difficult but helps to treat depression better.
  • Depression is the important subject to survey in neurology and neurosurgery fields.
  • Neurobiological factors are considered to be the basis of the depressive syndrome.

This list gives only approximate possible variants of thesis statements to be discussed in your academic assignment. You may choose one from the list and use it without any changing or change it somehow as necessary. Further on, you must find several good arguments to support your idea and highlight them in your text. They should help to disclose the backbone of the idea and be substantial enough to prove it. Try to enumerate them; your text should contain no less than three arguments and give them in the following way – from the strongest to the weakest one. Such sequence looks more persuasive and perceived better by the audience.

Certainly, mental disease is a difficult topic to write or to speak about it but, moreover, it is also a very interesting thing to investigate because practically each person may have such problems in the mad torrent of the modern lifestyle. So, people should be aware of it, that’s why this topic is worth to be discussed.

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