Thesis statement on immigration

Thesis Statement On Immigration

Migration is a contemporary buzzword that everybody knows; the issues with Mexican immigrants in America, the uncontrollable migration of refugees to Europe – there are very many contradictory, audacious issues to discuss in this regard. How to make your specific paper on migration fabulous? How can you catch the latest trends and at the same time remain original in your writing approach? Here are some helpful hints from where to start when writing on migration, and which powerful thesis statements to choose for the sake of composing an A+ grade paper.

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Looking for an Ideal Thesis Statement on Migration?

Especially for your needs, we have crafted some thesis statement examples on the migration issue; you can use them to craft an essay, or simply treat them as reference for composition of your own thesis – anyway, they are likely to be of much help during your composition process:

  1. The issue of Mexican migration to the USA is so acute because American fear to lose their jobs in favor of less demanding and highly qualified Mexicans.
  2. Migrant workers have always played a vital role in the US economy, so they should not be treated as illegal or undeserving individuals. Most of them are competent, qualified workers who pay taxes and contribute to American well-being.
  3. The International Organization of Migration (IOM) is a vitally important global organ regulating the human capital’s flows across the globe.
  4. The rise of illegal migration observable in the past couple of years is a natural human response to the desperate situation of inability to leave the place where they feel bad. Illegal migration can thus be easily curbed with making legal entry simpler.
  5. Migrants face a number of challenges after arriving in the new country, some of them including acculturation and the need to learn a language.
  6. Increasing legal migration quotas and enforcing effective regulation is positive for any country’s economic health.
  7. The latest migration bans of Donald Trump undermine the principles of the comprehensive US Immigration reform initiated in 2001.
  8. The DREAM Act can become a vital possibility for children of unauthorized immigrants to claim their right to US citizenship.
  9. The uncontrollable, high rates of migration from third-world countries to industrially developed states cause the “brain drain” that further aggravates the economic, social, political, and cultural development of these states.
  10. The emergence of non-permanent, circular migration is a recent trend in terms of global human mobility that deserves special attention.
  11. The strict US policy banning entry of immigrants is not new; the earliest case of American protectionism from newcomers was the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act drawing all Chinese from the country.
  12. With the issues of immigration and refugee crisis becoming increasingly acute worldwide, journalists have to follow a strict code of ethics when dealing with these topics, such as balanced reporting, speaking one language, treating refugees and immigrants with respect, and being patient and tolerant.
  13. In the light of the aggravating refugee crisis in Europe, it is as important as never before to keep in mind the universal human rights and respect for the human dignity.
  14. Migration does not only presuppose moving from one country to another one; a highly significant phenomenon of the 20th century was massive urbanization, which presupposed quick and large-scale migration of individuals from rural to urban areas.
  15. Understanding why people migrate may become an important guiding line for regulating migration trends and achieving the perfect human capital balance worldwide.

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